OpenAFS Foundation Meeting Notes 2015-10-30

In Attendance

Dave Botsch, Todd DeSantis, Margarete Ziemer, David Boldt


Todd has the debit card, is a Visa

we should go ahead & send out email re interest in RFP for Mac OS packaging (proposal to do so was discussed and voted on via email during the past week with Margarete, Todd, and Dave B voting Aye, Margarete seconding, David B proposing)

Concern re potentially stepping on toes of people working on things as we spin up priority issues

engage bpw young man (Zach?), Ben, Andrew, Mark - have also shown interest in Foundation priorities via discussion on foundation-discuss… want to continue these discussions

IPv6 appears to be a big and popular issue

thinking about state of Kerberos on Windows

approach Andrew for Board & Mark V for security

continue discussion on security

Ben is interested in coordinating with Foundation via Technical Advisory Group, etc

Todd will get contact info on Phil Moore

sbir - ipv6 - sbir grant ?