IBM legal clarification on restrictions in source code was requested, Todd has forwarded inquiry (what is a "module"?).

  1. Tackle Steps For Foundation to Get Ready to be Curator of Code
  2. 5 questions for lawyer
  3. Liability Insurance needed
  4. Obtain Apple Developer ID, register corporation at Apple's site
  5. annual fee
  6. get certificate for code signing
  7. Community machines
  8. verify functionality of, and general access paths to
  9. buildbots?
  10. hosting? 1. CMU hosted, managed via GIT 2. jeff, daria and andrew may manage updates, will confirm
  11. If we had an infusion of money, what would our priorities be?
  12. mac maintenance
  13. windows client
  14. many others …
  15. Ask Stephan Wiesand to release new, Foundation-signed Mac OpenAFS version
  16. Some OS's have no active developers; OS X, Solaris, Windows(?)
  17. Announce to community tasks completed
  18. Document process for future reference/guidance
  19. Need a paid security officer position
  20. Once OS X code is accepted Foundation can announce intention to sign
  21. Can we thank code contributors monthly?