Throughout the long history of AFS technology, a plethora of individual developers contributed code that became part of OpenAFS' main branch. Trying to honor all of them by naming them here in a comprehensive list is practically unfeasible, for contribution data does not reach very far back. In order to not leave out anybody by accident, we humbly would like to thank any and all of those contributors for your contribution: you know who you are and how you helped shape the current OpenAFS code base, and the community is deeply indebted to you.

During the more recent past, who have been the leaders among those individuals contributing OpenAFS code? One’s assessing of “the top five” individual code contributors depends on how a) what tool one uses, and b) what one counts: either by the number of commits, or by the number of lines committed, or by any other measure.

According to one of the git tools based on the number commits authored on the 'master' branch:

We would like to thank those individuals for their contribution to OpenAFS! Keep up the good work and your inspiring others!