OpenAFS User Events

How-To Clinics

We are currently considering some changes, and we would like your feedback! Requests have been made to dedicate the early part (first day?) of each upcoming Best Practices Workshop to a How-To Clinic. The intended audience: beginning users. The hoped-for trainers: advanced developers and/or users. Is such a change desired???

European Kerberos and OpenAFS Conferences

During the European OpenAFS conference in March of 2014, the University of Manchaster, United Kingdom, was provisionally selected as the site for the 2015 European OpenAFS conference. Following tradition, the intended audience are advanced users. However, the format might be altered by dedicating the first day of the conference to a How-To Clinic for beginning users (see above) if and when the demand arises.

NOTE: The location, along with conference dates, need to be confirmed. Please stay tuned for updates!

Best Practices Workshops

We are currently debating the dates and location for the next BPW located in the United States. We are very much seeking:

Please contact us if you see any way to support our efforts! We need you to help make this a fun and useful event - and we thank you in advance!