How We Foster the OpenAFS User Community

A wide variety of activities aim at fostering the OpenAFS user community.

Special events and learning opportunities are being offered from time to time, and anybody is invited to participate. Specific AFS user initiatives may be called into being and supported. Based on user needs and interests, we may form particular user groups. All users, new or seasoned alike, can take the initiative to either list and describe, or help resolve, current known major projects and challenges.

Of central importance and unparalleled value are the OpenAFS-info mailing list and the #OpenAFS IRC chat channel on the FreeNode IRC network. On the mailing list, anybody can submit questions and receive answers from their peers in (almost) real time; and on the chat channel one can discuss all things OpenAFS with other users and developers in real time. Users can also submit bug reports via email to a dedicated instance of the Request Tracker™ (“RT”). RT is an open source trouble ticket tool provided to the public by Best Practices™.

Last but not least, we urge you to review our list of volunteer opportunities that shows and describes specific roles or tasks for which volunteers are sought in order to foster the user community – including you! Please discern how you can contribute to this community, and generously help. Thank you.