Who Is the Community of OpenAFS Users?

The community of OpenAFS users is comprised of individuals, groups, small-to-medium-size businesses, and large organizations including Fortune 500 corporations. In addition, many educational institutions and research laboratories utilize the strengths of OpenAFS technology. OpenAFS brings benefits to all sizes and types of users willing and able to learn how to administer AFS cells and how to mine the benefits of this distributed filesystem.

The OpenAFS users themselves can share their success stories and testimonials. If you are utterly unfamiliar with the OpenAFS technology but ready to learn, we welcome you among your future peers. If you have been utilizing OpenAFS and would like to describe your own user experience, we welcome your written account of how OpenAFS helps you and/or your organization. Feel free to contact us.

Any volunteer community is as strong as the contributions being made to it. Thus, no matter whether you are a novice or an expert, please help this community grow and flourish by participating in it to the best of your ability. Thank you.