OpenAFS Users' Wish-List

We need to hear from you, please!

On this page, we would like to display known user wishes for OpenAFS or for its learning and use. We want to capture: Who requested what, and when? What is the overall desired outcome, and what are specs? Who is working on this fulfilling this wish? What is the development status and/or status updates?

An example for a wish-list item might be this: several users offered feedback that the Best Practices Workshops, as conducted in years past, offers quite sophisticated topics and covers advanced materials. However, beginning users do not get as much hands-on help as they had hoped to receive. Could a How-To Clinic be offered? Just prior to the BPW, or on its first day? Could demos be set up, or could even labs be offered? – We registered this wish and are responding with a first step of finding out how wide-spread (or not) this wish is, how many people might (or might not) attend, and could we find advanced AFS users and/or developers to conduct the sessions on such a How-To Clinic? Based on the responses we receive, next steps will be taken as appropriate.

If you would like to have a new item added to the wish-list, please contact us.

Just as importantly, if you would like to volunteer your development talent for a recorded wish, please contact us.