OpenAFS Foundation Meeting Notes 2015-10-02

In Attendance

Dave Botsch, Todd DeSantis, Margarete Ziemer


Margarete's general thoughts:

Board as fundraisers, "face", "politicians", "evangelists", and public representatives

One of the major problems, IMHO, with "reserving" these people is that one or more of them may actually make gread candidates for the Board. And, with our resources being limtied, I'm not sure we can afford to really "reserve" someone.

During one of our previous calls, we had decided and voted to approach Ben if we didn't get any other self nominations, which we have not. I think Ben could be a great candidate in that he's great at interfacing with people.

It would certainly be good, also, to get Phil's advice/training/coaching etc on Corporate Reachout, regardless of his current involvement with AFS. We also still need to finalize things w. our Corporate Sponsorhip discussions, there.

Finally, Jeff Hutzelman is rotating away from his current position in the standardization committee. I don't recall anyone else stepping up there (several declined, as a matter of fact). Though, Jeff still may be knowledgeable/etc.