The Community of OpenAFS Experts and Developers

The OpenAFS Foundation adopts a three-fold mission:

We expect our activities for accomplishing our mission to be diverse, but our vision includes that the OpenAFS Foundation facilitate the following:

In order to foster the OpenAFS community of experts and developers, The Foundation intends to:

  1. Seek contributions in both skills and talent (mentoring, conference presentations, publications, etc.)
  2. Educate member of the OpenAFS community of experts (Hackathons and/or paid internships such as "Google Summer of Code," low-cost conferences, low-cost Best Practices Practices Workshops, etc.)
  3. Model and foster a spirit of cooperation and professionalism (mentoring, free-of-charge mailing list contributions, free-of-charge ad-hoc consulting/training via the OpenAFS ticketing system, etc).