Who Is the OpenAFS Developer Community?

The OpenAFS developer community is comprised of individuals or groups who contribute code to the OpenAFS main code branch. This community is passionate about sharing their expertise in the form of new function development or bug fixes in existing code. In addition, based on their deep experience with OpenAFS, they are in a position to give design advice and/or help guide the path of the OpenAFS technology into the future.

Sometimes, developers contribute as mere volunteer work and labor of love. In other cases, they may be lucky enough to have employers who, as organizations, wish to support OpenAFS by making developer time available that they financially sponsor. In a third scenario, developers may contribute as employees of a consulting company offering commercial, enterprise-level support for any, but primarily the more complex OpenAFS installations; contributions in this category most likely were coded as part of a customer solution yet submitted for inclusion in the main branch of OpenAFS for the free use of all, based on the principles of open source software.