How We Nurture and Evolve AFS Technology

The OpenAFS Foundation acknowledges and believes that it is just as critical to nurture and evolve the OpenAFS technology itself, as it is to foster the user community and/or attract and increase the developer community. This technology is what draws and supports users and what unites developers in a common effort. But maybe more importantly, without significant growth and consistent adaptations of the OpenAFS technology, this technology will atrophy and become irrelevant. In short: no new code translates into “the beginning of the end” of OpenAFS as viable technology.

In order to continuously grow the OpenAFS technology, special events may be offered, or other opportunities may be created with the intent of doing so. Among those are Hackathons and Best Practices Workshops.

Special initiatives might be underway or be created, and you may want to learn more about those either out of sheer interest or with the intent of contributing to one or several initiatives. Similarly, specific group efforts exist or can be started that are clearly intended to move the OpenAFS technology forward. The Standardization Group is one such example.

One or several major development projects may be underway. The biggest challenge for the future of OpenAFS appears to be that, going forward, development projects will exceed the capability, capacity, and means of any one organization due to the size and complexity of technical challenges waiting to be overcome.

If you wish to personally contribute to the future well-being of OpenAFS technology, we invite you to not only sign up for mailing lists, but to actively participate. In addition, you may review and/or participate in problem solving regarding known code issues, which are displayed in OpenAFS’ dedicated instance of the Report Tracker™ (“RT”). RT is an open source trouble ticket tool provided to the public by Best Practices™.

Last but not least, we plead with you that you review our list of volunteer opportunities that is available for review and/or for additions. There, we show and describe much needed code improvements in hopes that developers may feel motivated to “claim” one of those items and lead and/or contribute the work necessary for the fulfillment of that item. The future of the OpenAFS technology depends on all of us – including you! Please contribute generously. Thank you.