Business Contributors

Several businesses offer commercial support contracts for OpenAFS to parties not wishing to carry out their own support of the OpenAFS software, or these businesses will do custom OpenAFS development for hire, or both. As a service to the OpenAFS community, The OpenAFS Foundation maintains a list of organizations, in alphabetical order, that provide such services.

Commercial Support Organizations

Inclusion Criteria

Any organization that meets the following three criteria may be included in this list at their request.

1) The organization (company, individual, non-profit, etc.) provides either general OpenAFS support — installation services, bug analysis and fixes, administrative support, and so forth — or OpenAFS development for hire, or both.

2) The organization has a past track record of releasing their work, where applicable, as open source and contributing it back to the OpenAFS community. Specifically, the organization has submitted at least five patches and/or bug reports to the project in the past year.

3) The organization is open to new contracts and customers.

Please note: This list is provided purely for informational purposes for the community. Inclusion in this list does not equal endorsement by the OpenAFS project. The list is strictly based on the criteria described below. For more information about any of these vendors, please contact the vendor directly. If you represent an organization that provides these services, meet the criteria listed below, and wish to be listed, please contact us. Thank you.