Help OpenAFS By Donating

OpenAFS operates on a Value for Value model. If you or your organization receive value out of OpenAFS and would like to contribute back, please consider donating money and/or equipment. Both are needed to help us grow. Thank you!

Even the smallest donation will make a difference. The Foundation appreciates any amount you can give and thanks you for your generosity.

The OpenAFS Foundation currently accepts individual monetary donations via PayPal. You do not need to have/get a PayPal account in order to donate; just a credit card.

Click the below button to donate an amount of your choosing:

Click one of the below buttons to donate towards Developer Hours. Developer Hours are priced at $50/Hour. The current levels are:

In the near future, we hope to bring you the opportunity to pledge regular donations. This allows you to space out your donation and plan your giving, without having to do anything else! Regular modest (or substantial) donations strengthen our financial capability in a way that allows us to project our budget ahead of time!

Thank you for using either of the donation options.

At times, OpenAFS utilizes donated machines to be re-used for building OpenAFS on various platforms, or for other infrastructure needs. You may wish to send the OpenAFS Foundation physical hardware, or you may consider simply allowing OpenAFS developers to access a server that you host; either way, if you can spare any hardware resources, please contact us.