Help OpenAFS By Volunteering

If you wish to volunteer, there are a multitude of options; surely, there will be something that suits your availability and inclination!

  1. OpenAFS Documentation: To help improve the OpenAFS software itself or its documentation, take a look around There, you can find information about bug reporting, OpenAFS source code, documentation, or more resources to find more information.

  2. Event Coordination: If you are interested in planning, organizing, and managing an OpenAFS conference, or you want to volunteer at one of OpenAFS's existing conferences, please contact us.

  3. Sample Use Case Descriptions: If you have had a positive experience with OpenAFS, we want you to submit your success story to tell others about your experience. Several members of the OpenAFS community also give talks about OpenAFS at other technology conferences from time to time, simply talking about what OpenAFS is and how it has helped them. Raising awareness of OpenAFS and showing how it has helped you is an extremely helpful contribution to OpenAFS.

  4. OpenAFS Work Groups: If you feel moved to contribute in an existing work group, or wish to start a new one, your enthusiasm and contribution is much appreciated. Please get in touch with us and contact us.

  5. New Ideas or Initiatives: If innovation and boot-strapping up something is among your gifts, you can pitch in by proposing something utterly new and different. Please let us hear about it in detail.