OpenAFS Projects

We need to hear from you!

What is a project? We think of it as code that fulfills a set of specifications beyond the scope of mere function-ad. Do the users need specific projects done? What are the projects supposed to accomplish for you and for other OpenAFS users?

An example for a "project" might be the user request for making OpenAFS IPv6-ready. You need this capability, and soon, you said; the business need and benefits are obvious on this project. Some users cooperated with developers to map out a plan how to complete this task, step by step, and to make sure that all requirements are recorded and will be met.

Are there others??? If you would like to request a project, or propose to execute one, please contact us. We would like to help you in the planning process and synch up your efforts with the path for OpenAFS that the Gatekeepers have set forth, in order to establish maximum likelihood for the future project results to be accepted in the OpenAFS main branch.

Again: dear users, we need to hear from you!